Export and containers shipment

  • Logistic services all across the world.
  • Best freight rates for 40 ft, 20 ft containers from Japan.
  • Supply of any kind of products from Japan upon request.
  • Supply of any kind of machinery, used cars, equipment.
  • Supply of used tires and wheels from Japan.
  • Supply of Brand new cars and motorbikes from Japan.
  • Custom and legal advising on export and import procedures in Japan.
  • Legal support for starting up with business in Japan.
  • Accommodation and travel support in Japan, tours within Japan.
  • Any kind of cooperation for international trading.
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Company name: Pacific Carline Inc.
Adress: 931-8431
Japan, Toyama-ken, Toyama-shi, Hariwara Nakamachi, 418-1
Tel/Fax: +81-76-482-4868
Home pages: http://www.pacific-carline.com
http://www.sendico.com (Buying Service from Japan)
E-mail: auction@pacific-carline.com
Main business line: 1. Export of various products from Japan in containers.
2. Buying service from Japanese auctions and online stores for individuals.
3. Export/Import consulting.
4. Other activities.
We speak: Japanese, English, Russian
Main markets, export/import areas : Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, USA, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Republic of Korea etc.